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Taiga - Re:Wireless [2010]

taiga 20.12.2010, 13:55 11724 17

Taiga - Re:Wireless

Label: Electrosound
Genre: Downtempo, Breakstep, Dubstep
Time: 61:32
Download: MP3 320 | FLAC | mp3 torrent | flac torrent

1. Floating (featuring Galya Chikiss)
2. Ma Ket (edit)
3. In Love (something different)
4. Kitty's House Of Horse
5. Ghosts
6. Dilemma
7. Tempest
8. Avtuk
9. Morin Khuur

Новый альбом Дениса Тайги из Санкт-Петербурга — сочетание фирменных этнических мотивов музыканта, сдобренных модными сюжетами dubstep и техноидной электроники. Волшебный первый трек, записанный совместно с Галей Чикис, открывает путешествие в экзальтированный этнос; путешествие, разделенное на девять треков — в равной степени пригодных как для внимательного прослушивания дома, так и для танцев вокруг ночного костра.


(кстати плеер будет перескакивать на следующие треки)

Автор: taiga

20.12.2010, 13:55 | Последнее редактирование: 12.10.2011, 01:00

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Онлайн UNMEN

Отлично! :good:

(вот нечто близкое этому от тебя бы в феврале ;) )

Онлайн taiga

Мужской местный
добавил ссылки на FLAC и torrent

помогите с сидами в торренте плз

Онлайн KiSloTNiK

Мужской местный
классный музон!  :music:..
засидировал флакец..

Онлайн ekzAtikin

А какого происхождения голосовые семплы в треке Avtuk ?

Онлайн taiga

Мужской местный
фильм моего детства "Гум-Гам"

Онлайн Nirmala

Женский местный
чё лучше засидировать тебе?  :rolleyes:
пока ставим мп3
флак смотрю нормально народу уже раздает  :good:

Онлайн KallOGen

Вчера качал флак с одного сида. Сегодня пишут, что всего два. Видимо, я и Тайга. :biggrin:

Онлайн Nirmala

Женский местный
ща подключимся)

Онлайн G

Мужской Psytribe
Раздаем оба формата с торрента;)

Онлайн ekzAtikin

фильм моего детства "Гум-Гам"
Друг у меня одержимо скандирует - Я говорю "гум" - и шагаю в пустоту, "гам" - и я уже дома" :crazy:
по нраву пришлась кисло-бассистая реставрация детства, спасибо! :lol:

Онлайн Napalm

Крута! Маэстро разродился )
Даже с Галей Чикис.. качаю, буду вслушиваться

Онлайн John The Revelator

Отличный микс, ночью по несколько раз гоняла.
Спасибо :victory:

Онлайн _D9_

заслушал в лосях, прифигел, мягко говоря.

Онлайн taiga

Мужской местный
22.03.2011, 13:50 | Правка: 22.03.2011, 14:22

Появилась англоязычная рецензия на альбом, написанная David MacFadyen, преподавателем Калифорнийского Университета

Lyricism in a Very Large Country: Denis Taiga

When FFM was first born - and the size of suitable texts remained unclear - we posted a brief introduction to the work of Denis Taiga. At that time, our St Petersburg artist talked of his creative output in intriguing and locally specific terms.
Taiga developed his early experiments along “the basic lines of sampladelic experience and ethnic, eclectic jazz. You can hear lots of samples from Soviet movies and cassette tapes, mixed with real folklore recordings and modern electronics, too. In the process of combining [all those elements], their source dissolves in deep sonic clues. Even I, as the composer, no longer understand where each work comes from… I call this technique ‘hypno.'’’

His final noun is especially informative. It suggests that Taiga's sounds are not so much created as experienced in a semi-passive manner and then referenced or "credited," perhaps. In other words, he assumes that some audible harmony endures elsewhere: in ethnic or archival spheres that can be appreciated only in a non-logical state. Verity and vagueness begin to overlap. The inexpressible dimensions of non-urban, pre-modern geography are, he suggests, also hinted at (not exhausted!) in the romance of old Soviet cinema, which was informed by a related inclusionary intent.
And in Russia the notion of "plenitude" or full inclusion is unlikely to be modest in scale, shaped as it is by local vistas. In the words of a Russian saying: "This is a country where 100 grams is not considered 'vodka,' one hundred years is not 'old age,' and 100km is not a proper 'distance.'" Mr. Taiga can be seen below on the right, slowly encroaching upon those dimensions. He goes in search of something bigger and better - which is probably more than 100km down the road.

Both the Russian biosphere and the politically-informed cinema it would inspire evoke a "communal" experience that dwarfs the atomized workings of contemporary, urban experience. "Everything" is probably much bigger than "something."
The only way, suggests Taiga, in which we might possibly reconnect with the spiraling, inclusive promise of the preindustrial past is to lean upon forms of psychedelic or hallucinogenic adventure. Once again, logic and pragmatism are little help in a local setting. Common sense is even a hindrance. True harmony can be sensed through hynoptic states - and they, in turn, are expressed through spontaneous, "pre-logical" performance. Yet another saying with regard to Russia's rambling nature seems relevant here - the assumption it has "no roads, only directions."
These same experiments and snowballing experiences of social "extension" continue in some brand new tracks, which in turn have helped to relaunch the Electrosound.Ru project. This admirable endeavor was begun in 2002 and slowly morphed from a webzine into a netlabel, constantly maintaining connections with Moscow's galleries and clubs. As a victim, though, of a worsening economy, Electrosound closed in 2008.
Refusing, nonetheless, to accept defeat, it has now happily reappeared, marking that return with a handful of excellent publications. Taiga needs first to be woken up.

His newest milestone, unveiled by a rejuvenated Electrosound, is called "Re:Wireless." Technology continues the geographic interest in universality: pylons replace tree tops. A worldview of never-ending space is championed by a web project that refuses to die. How fitting.
Electrosound - headed by the figure of Ilyas Mikanaev - announces the new compositions as follows: "Denis Taiga's album is a combination of trademark ethnic motifs with fashionable elements of dubstep and technoid electronica." The opening track, performed together with Galya Chikiss, is even described as a "journey into states of ethnic exaltation." The further one investigates these pre-modern, rural experiences, the better. All at the expense of rationality, linear roads, and moderation
For precisely these reasons, the people at Electrosound suggest that the same instrumentals are equally appropriate for "careful listening at home or for dancing around a bonfire at night." Our mental capacities are well-suited to the wandering, self-generating patterns of the forest - where there are no roads, only directions...

...In the specific case of Taiga, he references - on a bolder scale - Russia's ancient, wholly rural (or uninhabited!) realms in order to ponder the challenge of the future.
And so the stretching begins, prior to engaging the nation's endless options - be they spatial, chemical, or melodic. Anything's possible in a land of directions, not roads.

David MacFadyen

Онлайн k°c†я

местами очень симпатично, да

Онлайн D.I.Abigor

Ссылки на и рапидшару битые.

Онлайн ekzAtikin

Ссылки на и рапидшару битые.
По музыке слышно их бит_Ые ?
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